The Pentecost

Location: Melfi

Period: from April to May

The historical re-enactment of an event in March 1528, remembered as the "Easter of Blood".

The Flight of the Angel

Location: Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa

Period: from April to September

A "flight" between heaven and earth, surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Dolomites Lucane, between the peaks of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa.

The world of Frederick II

Location: Castle Lagopesole

Period: from June to September

Relive the excitement of court life, the historical and political events and personalities that marked the Emperor's life.

Cinespettacolo of Grancia

Location: Brindisi Montagna

Period: from July to September

"La storia bandita" (The outlawed history): the local population give birth to a live-action film about the history of anti-Napoleonic insurgences and about southern banditry in the period of the Renaissance.

City of Utopia

Location: Campomaggiore

Period: every weekend in July and August

Aerial dance and drama of famous actors in a magical and fascinating set


Location: Barile

Period: August

Concerts, exhibitions of painting, sculpture, photography and crafts, street art, theater, film screenings, conferences, book presentations, children's activities, culture and traditions around Aglianico del Vulture and the food products of the territory.

Urban Park of the cellars in Rapolla

Location: Rapolla

Period: October

Events where food and wine is increasingly complemented by new activities, always experimenting with new methods of communicating the traditions and the culture of food, is seeking proposals for cultural and artistic innovative and engaging.

The varola

Location: Melfi

Period: penultimate weekend of October

Food and wine event of excellence for the Vulture and Basilicata. Discover the Marroncino of Melfi

The Aglianica wine festival

Location: Venosa

Period: from September to October

Traditional appointment with one of the talents of the area: the Aglianico del Vulture.

Conference and meeting of Falconery

Location: Melfi

Period: from October to November

Prestigious event dedicated to the great Emperor Frederick II of Swabia, who loved to hunt in these lands with the falcon.